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Our Placement service is your personalized roadmap to securing a coveted basketball scholarship in the US. We meticulously match young athletes with US colleges, ensuring the perfect fit for both skills and aspirations. Trust us to navigate the complex terrain of college placements, opening doors to a world of opportunities for your basketball career.

Mentorship Sessions

Elevate your game and personal development through our Mentorship Sessions. Our seasoned mentors, with a wealth of experience in both basketball and academia, provide invaluable guidance. From honing your athletic prowess to fostering leadership skills, these one-on-one sessions are designed to empower you on and off the court, fostering a holistic approach to success.

Language Preparation

Don’t let language be a barrier to your dreams. Our Language Preparation service ensures you step onto the American court with confidence, equipped with the language skills needed for academic excellence. Tailored language programs, cultural immersion, and communication workshops will empower you to excel in the classroom, enhancing your overall college experience.

Basketball Preparation

Sharpen your competitive edge with our Basketball Preparation service. Our expert coaches, well-versed in the nuances of American collegiate basketball, offer intensive training programs. From tactical drills to strategic game analysis, we fine-tune your skills for the demands of College Gameplay. Elevate your game, impress scouts, and be ready to make an impact from day one.